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Child abuse or any kind of abuse causes so many Emotional and mental illnesses as well as physical illnesses and brakes. We, to make our world Humane need to take this a great deal more seriously and get the problem solved and abuse in all it's ugly forms STOPPED!
We also need to recognise and deal with the wrath left for these abuses so we can all Heal!

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"Let's Join Hands to Stop Child Sexual Abuse" by Media Concern Initiative from Global Fund for Children - AYV's on Vimeo.

Understanding the Impact of Neglect and Discrimination on Homeless Youth
Recently many non-profit organizations in Toronto arranged activities to raise funds for street youth. The donations are used to fund shelters and similar resources whose missions are to support homeless youth and increase their quality of life. However, many of these resources are under-utilized due to the discrimination and lack of acceptance the homeless youth experience. These negative feelings may arise from experiences from unwelcoming landowners, employers or peers. The majority of people often assume that homeless youth run away from home in an act of rebellion, therefore they are unwilling to support the youth. Street youth actually have no choice but to abandon their home due to abuse, neglect or other health threats. Soon after leaving, the youth realize that the streets offer nothing better. They are vulnerable to substance abuse, sexual harassment, violence, sexually transmitted diseases, and unemployment, to name a few, leaving them with an increased risk of developing mental illnesses. On the other hand, youth with strong survival skills struggle to balance school, work and finding a home. The youth are faced with challenges often when they met with employers who are not open to hiring them. These youth try their very best to accomplish their goals and aspirations but because of discrimination and the many challenges they lose hope. It is evident that developing their personal skills needed to support themselves, is one resolve to homelessness. But beyond that, we as community members need to provide opportunity for them to improve those skills by giving them equitable access to education, employment and by building their self-esteem. For example, you can volunteer to be a mentor to increase their social and employment network, helping them become productive members of society in the future. It is easy for us to utter the words “youth hold the future,” but when these streets kids are ignored and not given the way to achieve that "
Future,” those words mean nothing. The homeless youth should not be blamed for their situation; rather society should take action to do something about their situation. We who are fortunate must understand their situation and experiences to end the vicious cycle of homelessness in our city.
Yvonne Lesaca
Helen Lin
Abby Saavedra
Nicole Paxton
Nancy Rotuk
Ryerson Collaborative Nursing Degree Program!
 It is also on:
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and will be in the Toroonto Street News this week as well as posted on Canada Street News.


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LoveCry is Owned and Operated by
People who are both Experienced
and Educated on Abused and Street Life!


LoveCry is a street-based non-profit organization whose mission is to raise awareness of abuse, in general, and the devastating consequences it has on our children, in particular. The organizations primarily focus is to bring to the forefront the plight of homeless youth - street kids- by educating and informing the public as to why these kids end up on the streets.
As well, the organization provides assistance to teenagers who fall through the cracks by approaching their issues in an entirely different spectrum.
We believe, as evidenced through education, personal experience and numerous in-depth studies, and in consensus with both experts and the street kids themselves, that children leave their homes and take to the streets primarily because of abuse in the home. Abuse takes many different forms, verbal, physical, sexual, emotional, psychic, ritual and spiritual, amongst many. What is certain is that no child leaves a home where they have felt love and acceptance.
LoveCry consists primarily of individuals who have themselves experienced homelessness and abuse and have successfully met the challenge of changing their lives. They combine the expertise of their education and life experience to establish a unique and profound rapport between themselves and the kids, and form the trust and the support that is a necessary foundation to the rebuilding of self-esteem. We also believe that conventional methods have been notoriously unsuccessful, and in fact, have contributed further to co-dependency in some youths and the alienation of others.
We believe through mutual participation with government and non-government youth service organizations, solutions can be found. Information, education and a serious determination to promote understanding of the root cause of homelessness, is our objective. We advocate as the voice of abused youth and articulate our conviction to represent the truth.






This Site is to help you find information regarding abuse and therapy for these issues. We are connected to abuse survivors world wide and hope this information will be useful.

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What Is Psychic Abuse
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